1.She gave all her money away to the poor.

2.The girl forgot to give the book back to the library.




3.The report must be given in by 11:00.

4.The liquid gave off a strong smell.

5.The gas gave out 10 miles before we got home.

6.When the bomb fell, it gave out a huge sound.

7.He was told by the doctor to give up smoking.

8.How did they come to know the secret?

I’m afraid one of the girls gave it away.

9.When is the paper due?

    It must be given in by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow.

10.Why did you turn back? Do you know her?

    No. It’s just that her perfume gave off a nice fragrance.

11.How do you spend your weekends?

    Oh, my weekends are usually given up to my kids.

12.What’s in that bottle? It’s giving off such a bad smell.

13.Do you know the woman giving out pamphlets at the door?

14.He seems to have given up all hope.

15.I gave back insult for insult.

16.Your words give away your personality.

17.The two wrestlers fought until one of them gave in.

18.There is no approaching her. She isn’t the type that gives in easily.





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